About Us

Vancouver Madinah is a program incubated and backed by Mercy Mission Society of BC. Mercy Mission is a community development organization. Founded with a vision to pursue the vision of the final Messenger (peace be upon him), we work tirelessly to see a world where every Muslim can live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity. This vision is pursued through research of the needs of the Muslim community and developing vehicles of change to respond to those needs. The focus of our programs is to bring confidence, piety, self-sufficiency and selflessness to countless communities across Canada. We have successfully mobilized countless volunteers and students across the country to embrace their communities and spearhead a revival of the Islamic spirit.

Vancouver Madinah commenced activities in 2015, delivering programming for Muslim youth in Vancouver that is both culturally and religiously relevant. The program seeks to nurture the spiritual, educational and emotional needs of youth by providing service, recreational, educational and community engagement opportunities. Set up as a youth initiated and directed program, Vancouver Madinah has provided a youth friendly platform where they are involved in the decision making process and seeing the change in their community. Through regular activities, events and training, Vancouver Madinah also offers a space for youth to make meaningful social connections and to contribute positively to their community. This non-judgmental space fosters a sense of safety and trust, bringing youth together to celebrate, discuss, listen and learn together. The ongoing projects at the Vancouver Madinah are broadly structured under three main areas covering humanitarian, educational and recreational activities.