Book Club

Love to read? Love talking about books even more? Vancouver Madinah’s Book Club is just the thing for you! Already part of the Book Club? Then go directly to the book we are reading for each month to join the conversation. We look forward to seeing you at our monthly in-person meetings!
There are two ways you can get involved:
1. Attend our in-person monthly meetings. Sign up for our mailing list (this is separate than the general Vancouver Madinah mailing list) to receive updates on when our next meetings will be. 
2. Participate online. Sign up to receive emails about which book we select every month, then go online to join the discussion about the books we are reading. A comment section is available for each book – just click on the month to join the discussion.
Click here to sign up for the mailing list. You will receive an email once a month letting you know which book has been selected so you can start reading it.
1. What is going to happen at the monthly meetings?
This is when we will have our in-person discussion about what we read the previous month. Also, we will also pick which book we are reading the next month at these meetings.
2. How will you select which books we are going to read?
Book club members will have the opportunity to share with others any recommendations for books. We assume there will be more than one book recommended, so we will try to reach a consensus on which book we will read. If consensus can’t achieve, we will just vote and as they say, majority rules.
3. I want to suggest a book for us to read, but I follow the Book Club online and don't attend in person. What can I do?
Not a problem! Send us an email at with the book title and a brief description of it and why you are nominating it. We can include it in the roster of books we are voting on the next time we meet.
4. How many books will we be reading?
We will aim for 1 book a month.
5. I don't know if I can read 1 book a month. Should I still join?
YES! This book club is meant to be inclusive to all types of readers, from avid readers to those that have never read a book since Shakespeare in high school. Read what you can, and join our discussions to learn about some of the gems from each book.
6. This sounds like fun! Why are there limited spots for the in-person meeting?
To maintain the quality of the discussions, we opted for smaller meeting rooms. If we see there is a lot of demand for this initiative, we can consider alternatives to make sure as many people that want to take part, can.